My name is Tony Slade. I was born in a little town called Wellington, KS. My parents were gypsies at heart so we stayed there less than a year before moving several other places before we finally landed in CA where I grew up. I started acting, as most kids do, in kindergarten, and then continued through Groter Elementary and then into high school at Colton Christian School. It was here that I really caught the acting bug though and I was in every musical, play, and choral concert that I could get into, whether it was as stage crew or on stage.

As I grew up I continued in my parent's footsteps and became a gypsy myself. I joined the U.S. Coast Guard where I lived in 4 different states. I conducted law enforcement and search and rescue missions. During my time in the Coast Guard, I received a Presidential Letter of Achievement from Bill Clinton, The Coast Guard Achievement Medal, and the DOT Award for Outstanding Achievement medal for the saving of 23 people off a sunken fishing vessel. I also received the Humanitarian Service Award for the massive effort that resulted in the saving of over 80,000 Haitian men, women, and children.

While in the Coast Guard I was stationed in Lexington Park, MD where I volunteered with the local rescue squad as an EMT and later an IV tech. While there, I received EMT of the year, Rookie of the year, and Squad person of the Month several times.

I exited the Coast Guard and continued to work in law enforcement as a Patrolmen, Detective, and eventually Special Agent in 2 more states. All the while I continued to act every chance I got.

I eventually was transferred to Coos Bay, OR where I went back to my high school ways of being involved with every aspect of the theater. Whether I was involved in acting, stage crew, makeup artist, stage manager, director, co-director, lights, sound, promotions, advertising, or as a board member I was involved with almost every stage show that came to town. During my time there I also landed roles in short films, a feature film, and a music video.

In 2006, I made the difficult choice to leave behind a $90,000 a year job and the only career I had really ever known to follow my dream and act fulltime. I have been fortunate enough to be able to support myself and not have to get a "real job". I am willing to travel anywhere for paid projects and I will work extremely hard for you once I am there. I have an ongoing account of my life on Facebook (link in my contacts section) so please feel free to and add me to your friends' list as well.

Thanks so much for reading this and please take the time to write to me at my email or in my blog.

Tony Slade